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Essays (in collections)


Vintage Stratton Compact

"I left him right before high school graduation, after he threw a chopping knife at me while fighting and making dinner, and after I was accepted into college and knew that I'd have a place to live without him.

For the past 13 years, I have wrapped the compact in paper every time I've moved. I don't use foundation (or powder, whatever is meant to go in there), so the compact has gone empty ever since he gave it to me. Which seems fitting — our relationship was a failed attempt at filling holes inside us."


Skirt Story

"The first time I wore the skirt was a few weeks later. I was in New York for the Republican National Convention protests, documenting a march I had helped organize. In my downtime I was exploring the city, and at dusk I wound up walking alone through Central Park. There I encountered a group of pagans at the edge of a field. They were holding hands and dancing in a circle. A man on the end of the spiral locked eyes with me, extended his arm my way and said, "Join us." For some reason, I did. And we twirled about in the park, stopping eventually to light candles and pray for peace."

Essays (online)

"24 Going on Nothing," The Dead Mule School of Southern Lit., April 2014

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